Stay tuned for our 2024 season updates!


26 Burton Avenue
 NS B5A 2T6
(902) 749-0929
BARRINGTON, NOVA SCOTIA [email protected]

Thank you to all of our sponsors of Fan Appreciation Day!

Pizza Delight, Starrs Rd.

Rockville Carriers

Irving, Starrs Rd.

Reighs Service Center, Dayton

Dayton Red & White

Milton Irving

Vernon D’eon’s Fishing Supplies Ltd., Yarmouth

Napa Auto Parts, Yarmouth

Pleasant Supplies, Yarmouth

Bumper to Bumper, Yarmouth

Topline Industries, Yarmouth

Subway, Yarmouth

Needs, Starrs Rd.

Jungle Jims, Starrs Rd.

Mobil, Starrs Rd.

Canadian Tire, Starrs Rd.

Marco’s Pizza, Yarmouth

The Dinner Plate, Yarmouth

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